Case Study

Online Retail Excellence Unveiled A Strategic Partnership with RJ

Online Retail Excellence Unveiled: A Strategic Partnership with RJ.

Mr. X leading online shopping firm catering to over 15k+ users and 1k+ corporate accounts across diverse markets in the UK & US. Our commitment to excellence in customer service has driven us to seek innovative solutions for operational challenges, leading to a partnership with RJ Global Solutions.



In the dynamic world of online shopping, Mr. X grappled with operational challenges that necessitated an innovative solution. Complex business processes, high return rates, and the exhaustion associated with training and implementing different approaches were directly impacting customer satisfaction and churn rates. Recognizing the need for an expert, budget-friendly in-house solution, Mr. X set out to find a partner who could provide a pioneering approach to address these challenges.


Our journey began with a commitment to resolve Mr. X's challenges. We customized their application, integrating automated product updates, real-time notifications to manufacturers, inventory, customers, and the finance team. Simultaneously, we undertook a comprehensive study to understand customer behavior, leading to the creation of optimized team schedules. Additionally, we implemented a work-from-home program, incorporating weekly training plans and strategically rehiring former employees. Our executive solution covered customer care, back-office support, and fraud prevention across multiple channels, embracing the benefits of remote work.

Summary of solutions

  1. Customized Application Enhancement:

    • Identified and rectified an application error causing blurry prints and a high return rate.
    • Integrated automated product updates and real-time notifications to streamline operations.
  2. Workforce Optimization and Remote Work:

    • Crafted optimized team schedules based on a 3-week study program of customer responses.
    • Implemented a work-from-home program with a comprehensive training plan.
  3. Operational Excellence and Standards:

    • Applied RJ’s proven methodology for operational management to enhance efficiency.
    • Adhered to Baseline Enterprise Standards, ensuring consistent best practices.
  4. Security and Technology Program:

    • Achieved full compliance with PCI, ISO 27001/1, HIPAA, HITRUST for data security.
    • Deployed Global Essential Security Policies, providing heightened data protection.
    • Implemented a secure contact system to prevent fraud, with real-time alerts for potential issues.
  5. 24/7 Back-Office Support:

    • Established a dedicated team for round-the-clock excellence.
    • Specialized in handling complex business processes and provided customized solutions for high return rates.
  6. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness:

    • Streamlined operations for enhanced efficiency without compromising expertise.
    • Provided budget-friendly solutions to address operational challenges.
  7. Training and Implementation Overhaul:

    • Revamped training processes to ensure more effective onboarding.
    • Implemented innovative approaches to reduce exhaustion and churn rates among the team.



Our partnership with RJ Global Solutions has been nothing short of transformative. They not only addressed our immediate challenges but also provided sustainable solutions that have positioned Mr. X for long-term success. The team’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence have made them an invaluable partner.

-Devendear Sahu, A. GM