Case Study

RJ Usedcars Casestudy

How We Made Used Cars Towards Saving 6500$

Used Cars – the best-used car source on the internet for the Eastern & Northern buyers. It specializes in selling cars. It has succeeded in setting a network standard that has been a benchmark amongst all automobile dealerships. We handled the brand for over 2 years, before helping them set up an internal team to handle the required marketing & branding activities. And back-office operation with secured line analysis.



Branding makes the difference while choosing a service platform. During 2019 Used cars were involved in Asian & European markets to evolve the branding but due to high competition, they need a brand supporter & as well as a back-office to handle their documentation and verifications.


The greatest challenge of this project was to uncover the brand identity and transfer the features onto the website. From the technical perspective, it was also quite testing to transfer the data & the demographics.

Summary of solutions

  • To drive the branding through organic reach to establish a seamless custom channel to communication for customer Feedback.
  • The other goal was to standardize the brand across all channels to drive qualified leads through digital promotions to generate car servicing leads.
  • To achieve the ROI (ROI) across the social world.
  • Creating centralized governance  to help & manage data management costs across the business
  • Introducing a more sophisticated monitoring capability with varying notifications
  • Revalidation of customers’ data by reviewing each line of customers’ details.


Increased Traffic
Web traffic increased from 15000 to 28000
Social Traffic: 15%
Organic Traffic: 57%
Others: 28%
Impressions increased75%
Clicks Increased20.44%
Data Verified80% verified at Our Backoffice.
Total Revenue Increased2,500$


I Was looking for a company to help us in branding for our cars selling vendor. I’ve been dreaming about it for a while now. then I came across Rj global solutions. And all I could say is This was the best experience I’ve ever had! It wasn’t just fun and exciting for me to finally see my dreams come to reality, but the team definitely nailed it! Thanks to my project lead and his team for such an easy experience! They definitely care about making your dream a reality! I definitely recommend them and looking forward to making them in the near future. 

Thanks again and all the team over at Rj global solutions!

 – Brinel, Director of European Partnerships