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What is Enterprise Networking & Why do Businesses need in 2021?

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“Networking is the no.1 unwritten success rule in business”

What is Enterprise Networking?

Enterprise networking is the process of connecting computers & devices and facilitating the accessibility of data within a network of an organization. It enables resource sharing and communication whenever need be.

Types of enterprise networks:

Some of the common types of enterprise networks include:

  • Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Cloud networks

Purpose of Enterprise Networking

An enterprise network helps employees and machines communicate, share files, access systems, and analyze the performance of an IT environment that drives business operations. RJ helps in performing Enterprise Networking which enables smoother communication in your business

Reasons for why business needs Enterprise Networking in 2021.

  1. Cloud Integration
  2. Faster Communication
  3. Security
  4. Manageability
  5. Optimized user experience
  6. Integrating enterprise wide
  7. Networking

1.Cloud Integration

As more and more data and applications are developed, deployed, and delivered across multiple public clouds. The cloud resources and the services running on the hardware are accessed and controlled over the internet, usually through private and secure network channels. They also optimize workloads between on-premises locations and public clouds.RJ provides seamless connectivity between users and cloud applications

2.Faster Communication

This sector in your organization becomes quick and easy once you consider enterprise networking. They include email messaging, video conferencing, and IP telephony. There will be ample communication between all the employees from various stations.

  • Improves communication and information availability
  • Fast and convenient resource and file sharing
  • A system that is not only cheap but also cost-effective
  • Increased secured network Performance


RJ’s Enterprise Networking solutions is essential for your organization that relies on a network enterprise security. For it to be abundant, policies, as well as protocols, are vital. Security ensures that no unauthorized people access data and vice versa. For the authorized, there is no room for change or misuse of information. There will be a central place to monitor access, and every user gets what he or she is supposed to retrieve. Threats are detected to prevent where possible.


The sharing feature simplifies the management of your firm. When files’ storage is in a central place, those using remote workstations efficiently access it. As a result, every employee obtains all the needed data without the need for duplication. Applications, as well as expensive devices, can be shared through as well.

RJ eliminates personal backing up of data. Instead, it is the data in the central location that is backed up.

5.Optimised user experience

An enterprise network can help improve the user experience through proactive network optimization, faster issue resolution, proper prioritization of essential traffic, and helping to ensure security and privacy.

Increasingly, networks are expected to improve security, enhance user experience, and support many devices performing essential business tasks. RJ supports a variety of users, devices, and applications to provide consistent assured service.

6.Integrating enterprise wide

Enterprises are now adopting a holistic, open networking strategy that integrates across constituent network domains and with applications and IT systems. Such integrations enable consistent performance, streamlined operations, improved compliance, and security enforcement throughout the organization.

Enterprise networks that use subscription-based licensing get continuous access to the latest networking and security innovations. RJ services are better able to keep pace with their expanding demands as technologies and requirements change.


Network management is being automated, with software that can recognize connected devices, profile them, and determine whether they can be trusted. They can detect performance problems or potential threats and respond automatically.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and machine reasoning (MR) are now making networks smarter. RJ fulfills the firm’s needs by adapting to the unique needs of each organization and customizing recommendations.


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