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Want to make your meetings that improve 10x efficiency?

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Having doubt where your team efficinecy doesnt meet your expectations?

Unclear agenda may give unexpected results at the end of the meeting, there are several reasons that lead business meetings to go wrong. Unclear agenda meetings may waste you and your team’s valuable time.

If your teams are struggling to make it correct, don’t worry it’s not too late to implement to meet the meeting expectations that help you to run more efficiently.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

You can make your brand with unique approach that starts from team and build your brand with collaboration support. In this post, We’ll share with you what to do and what not to do the most inactions that prevent your ability to use meetings as your secret of organization and the team success advisor.

Ask yourself with :

  • What is the motto that I want to communicate with this meeting?
  • Who are attending and what do I want them to do after meeting?
  • What is the most valuable contribution that I make?
  • Who is there that I’d like to recognize or encourage?

Few killer portions that you can observe in every organization?

1. Unprepared with Content :

Good relationship with the team might seem like good but it won’t help you to build & to show your brand uniqueness. When you consistently show up to meetings without being prepared, people take notes from that and become “barely performers” and become your brand with “zero” care about quality.

2. Showing up late :

You might think showing up late to meetings makes you look like you’re busy but , in fact that makes you look like you can’t manage your schedule or worse at time management. This meeting isn’t that important to you. Always Show up on time and keep your mind fresh, keep & calm and ready to make an impact.

3. Tuning out :

Not everyone shows their interest, few participants in meetings only pay attention when the topic is related to their area of expertise. This defines your behaviour & seems like that you are not interested in meeting. Always keep making eye contact with the participants & commit to being engaged for the entire meeting.

4. Lazy posture :

Especially when you interact with teams / groups, laziness & repeated yawns effects on your impression. And you’re sending the message that you’re not interested and bored with the meeting. Good posture gives a good impression and improves personal branding in a crowd.

5. Defending during questioning:

When you ask a question, just ask. Don’t defend with “I know this very well, You don’t know, I should know this, e.t.c.. you’re telling people that you aren’t confident with your question / concept and this makes you bad. Ask yourself one to two times before questioning and responding for a question. Be genuine , honest and if you are not confident let them know that you don’t have an answer. Your response defines that you are an honest person.

6. Scheduling like a movie time:

No one wants to spend more time on explaining all the stuff in hours of meeting schedules. Don’t make the meeting too long. If you want to make a meeting productive, you must play on the floor with your key concepts , meeting goals and mission in less than 25 mins to become a hero in your team minds.

7. Using mobile/electronic devices:

It’s rude using mobile/electronic devices while teams are discussing seriously, Yes people are there using under the conference table , on the table too. In order to overcome & to improve steady concentration it’s better to use strict rules for not using them or keeping in pocket or purse, or better yet, leave it in the cabin or arrange mobile places. This will make it more likely that everyone be focused and involved for the entire meeting.

Use this list in your next meeting and implement if you can avoid all these DON’TS. Once you eliminate all of these things, you’ll be able to make a brand mark effectively with team success.

Final Thoughts’

Share the required Information Earlier in the meeting, Not During can help you in decision making and making the plan of action during the meeting. Invite The Right People for the successful meeting at your first step to enable effective meeting goals. Last but not least give time to others to listen to their views on meeting goals so that they can learn if they missed anything. Use effective tools that help to control uninterrupted time frames such as google meet.


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