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How to estimate the traffic for your website?

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Are you looking for a way to know how much traffic a website generates?

If yes, then RJ is the right place.

By estimating the website traffic of your competitors, you can get great insights. For starters, it helps in finding strategies they are using to attract visitors. You can also see how well their content is performing and how much engagement they are generating. On the other hand, you can see how competitive your niche is and what type of topics you’ll need to create to get traffic.

What is Meant by Website Traffic?

In simple words, website traffic is the number of people visiting your site. Website traffic is an important measure as it shows how well your site is doing.

Higher the number of visitors, the higher is the chance of getting them to take action on your site. This could anything like signing up for an email newsletter, downloading a file, or buying a product.

Ways to estimate traffic:

  • Employ Web Traffic Checker Tools
  • Review total shares in social media
  • Examine total blog comment sections
  • Scan Youtube views and subscribers regularly
  • Look for Advertising Pages

1.Employ Web Traffic Checker Tools

There are many tools that will let you check the website traffic of other websites. They include free and paid tools, and they estimate the number of visitors a site would be getting over a period of time.

a)SEMrush is one of the leading tools to check website traffic. It offers powerful features that can help you boost your site’s SEO. The tool is popular among many SEO professionals because you can use it to spy on your competitors and ethically steal their traffic. All you have to do is enter the URL of a website and SEMrush will give information about its traffic, top organic keywords, top landing pages, backlinks, and more.

b)Ahrefs is another famous SEO tool that provides in-depth information about the website traffic of your competitors. When you go to its organic search report you’ll total monthly visitors, organic keywords, traffic value, high traffic regions, and more.

c)SimilarWeb is a popular website traffic checker in the industry. It provides better traffic estimates  and it also offers a free browser extension. Using SimilarWeb’s browser extension, you can see the global ranking of a website, top traffic countries, visits over time, traffic sources, and other metrics like bounce rate and average visit duration.

All above RJ helps in choosing the right tool for your site to estimates the web traffic and provides real-time accurate data.

2. Review total shares in social media

Now you have known which tools to use, you can also go through the number of social shares a website gets. To do this, open any of your competitors’ websites and head over to their blog section. Next, open recent articles and see how many users shared the post on social media.

Once you go through the few blogs, you’ll start to see a pattern. To make it simple, you can note down the numbers and then take out an average to see how well a website did. A basic rule of thumb is that a greater number of shares mean more engagement and traffic. Therefore, you can get a general view of how much traffic does a website gets by RJ services.

3. Examine total blog comment sections

Along with social shares, RJ expertise on simple way of estimating website traffic on your own is by checking the number of comments a website gets.

You can repeat the same process as you did for finding average social shares. Just go through the blogs and see how many comments people post. More comments imply that the website is popular and is getting traffic that people are leaving behind their suggestions and questions.

4. Scan YouTube Views and Subscribers regularly

If your competitors have YouTube videos on their website or post new videos regularly on their channel, then you can use the number of views and subscribers to estimate website traffic.

For instance, WPBeginner has over 160K subscribers, which shows that the channel is attractive. However, it doesn’t mean that it would be getting 160K traffic each day, but the data does give you an idea of the website traffic it would be generating.

5. Look for Advertising Pages

Another simple way of estimating website traffic is by looking for pages that show details about advertising. RJ displays data about your competitor’s site, including traffic, to make you know more about the competition in your niche. You can search for such pages and find out the website traffic.
To search for websites that show this information, you can try entering the following search queries in search engines:

  • Advertise with us + [your niche]
  • Advertise with + [your niche]


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