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A Great Journey of business from the sheets to the digital era.

Travel & Tourism Industry

Problem :

When Paris Destinations started, it saw an opportunity to transform the destinations of family vacations/tours, weddings, children’s trips with endless destination options, but the industry’s sales process hadn’t changed since 2007 they stuck with paper bills, paper filings, and paper marketing and even in bookings with lots of paper. It affected the entire idea of the business and dragged into nearly from 15k$ to 5k$ revenue. One sheet to sign the document for travelers to sign up for tours. Another sheet of paper for an agent to check in tours. Nd finally another sheet for tour leaders. If any potential customer didn’t buy? Then say bye to paper and throw it into shredders.They just have only a few constant visitors who visit their system for booking tours for their customers. They started searching for solutions from 2016 to 2018, that can help them to give a solution with a small amount of investment and become a backend person for them.


Tech-driven Reservation booking system to update the booking process with a fast & secure process.

we worked with the Paris Destination business to eliminate the paper process & using the power of personalized connection and make the tour process with user friendy system operations for employees and customers, drivers, and partners. This collaboration also built out robust data to create trust, loyalty, and the door to future relations.The result is something the competitors thought was impossible: A digitized process in data and technology creates a stronger connection with customers than humans could do alone.

Summary of solutions:

  1. Tech-Driven Booking System: One tap solution web application to manage to book for employees, customers, and drivers and with real-time driver and the booking activity. 
  2. Integrating online payments and incentive/commission separations for drivers/affiliates.
  3. Targeting & retargeting existed/new customers with campaign funnels.
  4. Review management and complaint resolving panel. 
  5. An iconic social media to reach and to improve their customer database and to share their real-time happiness reviews.


The result after doing a lot of improvements is “Endless trust and satisfaction!”

Thanks to a unique customer experience mindset, It has increased customers’ trust and satisfaction. More further plans for the future business with along with the partnered businesses. This has transformed how this destination travel does business, making the seamless customer, employee experience. 

Now they are growing and concentrating on virtual tours for the users in partnering with RJ.

Words by client:

“A great move can change the business towards success but a fake move can ruin the business”. Within a less time period, RJ designed and implemented a standardized CRM system to over 9000+ users at 98 locations that each had different ways of doing business as a result we get back into old origins and along entered into new destination plans around 50 new locations. This relation between RJ and our destination business can be for a long time as long as the technology and the industry grows.​

Jose Peter

East London

Business Relationship Manager

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