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Consumer and Retail

It’s time to satisfy your busy buyer demands while understanding new growth opportunities in today’s integrated marketplace.

Sectors we serve?

Home and personal care

From personal care & hygiene to home care products and appliances, We help every business to adapt new reality, driven by evolving consumer lifestyles.


We are working across the food value chain from seeds, farming, and processing to drive innovation and growth for our agri clients to develop & to serve.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages

We’re helping food and beverage businesses turn into customer needs for quick, healthy, socially responsible products that improve the customer experience.

Alcoholic beverages

We’re helping companies that produce, market,
or distribute beverages get closer to the customer and improve the customer satisfaction & growth of the clients.

Beauty and personal goods

Check out how we are transforming the beauty customer experience by enabling clients to discover new areas of opportunity fueled through growth marketing techniques.


A One-Stop Solution for all online shoppings & Stores to reach & to evolve the business towards growth & customer satisfaction.

How we help?

Services Including growth marketing, growth strategy and execution, sales and trade promotion management, and intelligent business growth.

We help our clients to achieve customer relevance at pace and in the right scale of approach.

Go digital at the core to adapt at speed.

Create an innovation agenda to drive business growth.

Architect the business to be relevant at scale.

Capturing new growth and meet liquid expectations.

Growth Marketing -RJ

Digital Approach

Our end-to-end development helps to build a comprehensive picture to deliver solutions across the entire solution stack that can elevate your customer experience beyond expectations.


Implementing growth hacking techniques & relevant consumer experiences with the help of data insights, analytics and agile platforms.


Evolve from accounting services to unlocking business value through digital transformation, the power of real-time data and a reimagined workforce.

Human Resource

Unleash the power of HR with RJ. This insight-driven, digitally integrated program organizes the power of businesses with technologies, & with our industry and functional expertise.

Data Management

Our comprehensive data strategy approach helps you to establish a clear vision and action plan to protect and leverage data as an essential business asset to define goals.

Customer experience

Deliver transformative customer satisfaction and build long-lasting customer relationships to retarget & to regenerate huge demand from valuable resources.

Solutions & capabilities

We help every platform for new growth, to design, to develop & to deploy

The experiences to secure trust and keep on getting better with our suite of capabilities and solutions.


Our Team examines every business through a series of thought leadership to explore our analysis and uncover research into the next generation of platform growth.


Setting a vision, evolving your products and igniting growth to support your strategic priorities for the growth and accelerate the future of your organization.


We help Every company to enhance engineering capabilities and to build the right products. Our services addresses the full technology stack and spans the entire product lifecycle.


We focus relentlessly on helping every business anticipate and respond to fast-changing customer needs. Our Platform adoption offering crossesthe entire customer lifecycle.


We provide a range of services to help clients to deploy security, privacy, compliance, data protection and fraud mitigation strategies on their platforms & businesses.


Leveraging our experience with integrated resources and advanced technologies. We create turnkey solutions across the value chain.

How We Work?


Understand the Business

We can help you to address the diverse range of needs and challenges of underserved businesses to build customized experiences and tailored solutions.

Earn trust

Only 50% of businesses trust that enterprises have their needs in mind. We can guide you in understanding business unique priorities to earn invaluable trust.

Build Relation_RJ

Build relationships

With a deep understanding of business needs, we can support your business relationship building to truly become a platform for inclusive growth with growth hacking.

Innovation & expansion

We help you to expand into new, innovative market spaces, and stay at cutting edge of new experiences, offerings with business portfolio strategy, Go-to-market & growth strategies.

Trust & safety

We create to maintain and for the growth of trusted platforms for users, partners, regulators, governments and society to establish the security architecture, tools and processes that ensure the security of the platform.

Success & Experience

We create value for existing users to keep them coming back, gathering and acting on their feedback to enhance products and services of your businesses.


Our expertise

Our experts have deep knowledge about the complexities of the Retail & Consumer Industry to deploy the business & to transform from Initial Stage to Deliver the operations.

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